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Leveling the playing field in the fight against SUDEP and Epilepsy

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It takes an army of committed people to push a boulder up a hill. Emma’s legacy has brought together many hundreds of people who have become a part of Emma’s army. With the help of so many, the boulder gets smaller and the hill less steep. We thank each and every one from our hearts for their help. If you’re visiting us for the first time or haven’t had time or opportunity to support us in the past, we invite you to join Emma’s army today.

Make A Donation To The
Emma Bursick Memorial Fund

Remember, no donation is too small. Pennies turn into dollars and every dollar helps.

Please make check payable to the Emma Bursick Memorial Fund and send to:

Emma Bursick Memorial Fund
The Pittsburgh Foundation
Five PPG Place, Suite 250
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

To Donate online:

Secure online donations using your credit card for the Emma Bursick Memorial Fund can be made through The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Community Foundation of Westmoreland County website. For your protection, all transactions are processed through a secure server site. Visa and MasterCard only.  

IMPORTANT: When making your donation please specify "Emma Bursick Memorial Fund" in the form field marked Name of Fund.

Click the link above or the image to the right to open a new window and take you to the form.

Talk, Talk, Talk

Everyone we know~ knows someone with epilepsy. If you are reading this web site, chances are high that epilepsy has impacted your life in some way. One of the most important ways to be a part of Emma's army is to become informed. If you are the one with epilepsy, you owe it to yourself. If you love someone with epilepsy, you owe it to them. If epilepsy has not become a part of your life, keep the information you learn in a back pocket; someday, you may have the opportunity to share it. Whatever your donation to this effort, we thank you!

Whatever your donation to this effort, we thank you!